News Video on Importance of 72 Hour Kit

15 August 2013

This is a video and news story on why it is important to have a 72 hour kit at the ready.  This story talks about a fire in Utah where families were required to evacuate immediately. KSL News, Salt Lake City, UT  

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21 April 2013

We are going to start reviewing products that will help you get prepared for any disasters that might occur in your area. Each product will have its own page on our site, and will also have a link from this post as well as a link under, “Product Reviews” on the menu above. Our first [...]

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How to be a Prepper

17 April 2013

There is no clear-cut procedure on how to be a prepper, but once you understand your basic needs you can start to formulate a plan that will get you on your road to becoming prepared for most types of emergencies. What you want to do is to realize that the world is a totally different [...]

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Survival Skills – Fishing

09 April 2013

Anybody who enjoys hiking and/or camping has the skill necessary to survive for atleast a few days. Throw a few cans of food in your pack, some matches and you are good to go. But what if you can’t carry enough food to last a few weeks in your bag? If you can fish, then [...]

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Bug Out Gear

07 April 2013

Anybody who is preparing for any type crisis knows that the time may come where you will have to bug out, or leave your comforts of home in a hurry. What is bug out? Bugging out means that you will have to leave your current place of residence or location and seek to find a [...]

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Preppers Ideas

27 March 2013

Welcome and thank you for stopping by our brand new site!  If you haven’t heard of “Prepping” yet, then you very well may have been living under a rock (as they say). In the coming days and weeks, you will undoubtedly witness a remarkable website unfold which will be dedicated to Preppers worldwide.  We are [...]

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